We can’t help it, we love eating. We are devoted followers of the good cooking religion and the holy dopamine our brain bathes in each time we eat. That’s why we’ve come up with a Bilbao map for your dining pleasure.

Bilbao’s pintxos are famous worldwide and Michelin starred restaurants are another of the city’s hallmarks, but Bilbao also has plenty of comfort food establishments to offer at good prices.

A hot meal, with a first, second course and dessert or coffee is a great choice to recover between days, as keeping both body and soul well nourished is key when going to festivals. These restaurants will make their way to our heart through our stomach (and more):


Photo: Noiz

Ambigú. A trip around the world without leaving your table

San Vicente Kalea, 5

Telephone: +34 944 24 23 43

International flavours mixed with a know-how that runs in the family. A place where travels, good music and good vibes get together over a delicious meal (and some great parties).

The set menu (13,50€) is the only choice along with the half menu, offering courses such as tomato and plum soup with croutons, broad beans and tofu salad with tomato vinaigrette or boletus lasagne with caprese salsa. This way they’re able to offer market cuisine and improvise each day depending on the groceries.

A Bilbao benchmark due to its very interesting music programme and a meeting point for the city’s most restless minds.


Photo: Iñakiren Taberna


Iñakiren Taberna. When tradition is avantgarde

Barrenkalebarrena Kalea, 14

Telephone: +34 944 15 09 54

If you’re looking for a traditional spot in Bilbao, here you go. It’s been standing in the old town for 33 years and it was opened right after the big floods that invaded the city in 1985. The family that runs the place had run another establishment on the same street for 60 years.

Traditional Basque cuisine and an incredible quality best describe this tavern, whose set menu costs 12€. It’s highly visited by Txikiteros (txikitos are small glasses to drink wine from) and that’s a guarantee right there.

Its most popular dish is pot roast beef brisket with vegetables, but they also offer vegetable black pudding, homemade ham croquettes and steak. Quantity and quality in a typical tavern.


Photo: Vergés


Las Cepas de Estraunza. An intimate crowd in the heart of the city

Gran Vía, 63 (entrada por Estraunza)

Telephone: +34 946 127 261

Located in the central district of Indautxu, Las Cepas offers a 12€ menu seven days a week. A modest and nice establishment known for its large list of dishes to choose from, where you’ll surely find something of your taste: risotto, pasta, haddock meatballs, broken eggs or chicken curry, to name some, and a range of pintxos is also available at the bar. It is advisable to book, as it’s usually full, specially on weekends. The place to go if variety is what we’re looking for.


Photo: Lab_matic


La Ribera. Bilbao Happiness with a view

Erribera kalea, 20. (Edificio del Mercado de la Ribera de Bilbao)

Telephone: +34 944 580 053

In the historic Bilbao market’s old fishmongers, overlooking the estuary, we find this pleasant spot where food is often accompanied by an appealing music and culture programme.

The menu offers international dishes such as king prawn and avocado salad, tomato San Jacobos (breadcrumbed fried ham and Idiazábal cheese), ceviche or roasted rib in teriyaki sauce. Brunch is also available and they can cook what we buy at the market, with the best views of Bilbao’s “sea”.

Photo: Blanco y Negro


Blanco y Negro. Reinvented tradition and universal identity

San Francisco Kalea, 10.

Telephone: +34 944 15 37 45

Once a legendary comfort food restaurant and bar in the Bilbao La Vieja area, it’s been able to keep its identity to reinvent itself as one of the places every visitor should check out. Santoña anchovies, tripe, stews, garden snails in bizkaína sauce… real comfort stoves. A set menu found in traditional restaurants in a genuine vintage space.


Photo: Huevos fritos y demás


Kantine Bilbao   Balanced local exoticism

Printzipe Kalea, 1

Telephone: +34 944 65 62 52

Healthy and seasonal food with an exotic touch on the Bilbao estuary bank. In addition to a set menu which offers cod salad with roasted peppers and pil pil vinaigrette, pumpkin and ginger soup with croutons or lentils with vegetables, an express menu is available (juice + sandwich for 6€).

A very comfortable restaurant with quality raw materials and a sustainable philosophy.