Bilbao BBK Live 2023

6/7/8 - 7

Nature, trips and fun

Located in one of Bilbao’s main recreational areas, just 3 km from the festival enclosure. The Bilbao BBK Live camping site is a large green area surrounded by trees, approximately 120,000 m2 in size and with a capacity for about 12,000 people.

Enjoy a camping area that has received several awards:

Iberian Festival Awards: Best Camping Site 2016 + 2017

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Fest Award: Best Camping Area for 3 years (2015 + 2018 + 2022)

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Camping Rules

  • Tents must be under 8 m2 as to fit in to the designated rows. Tents larger than this will not be accepted, this includes, awnings, extensions, jaimas, etc..
  • The camping area will have staff responsible of organizing tent rows, tent distribution, etc. The organization reserves the right to refuse admission to all those that do not accept the staffs conditions, those that disturb the rest of campers or those reasonably presumed to imply a situation of risk or danger towards themselves or others, causing havoc or due to apparent or potential inebriation, being responsible in all cases of all acts and omissions that cause injuries to others or damage material.
  • Like in all previous editions, access to the camping area with private vehicles will not be allowed (campers, caravans, vans, cars, motorbikes, etc.). All vehicles must be left in the parking lot and public must go up to the camping area with the festivals free buses.
  • Public will only have access to the camping area with the free buses provided exclusively by the festival.
  • Camping on the hill outside the designated camping area is absolutely prohibited and can lead to an administrative fine.
  • Public will be allowed to enter food and drink into the camping area (but not into the festival). It is totally forbidden to light fires or use camping-gas or similar. We kindly ask the public to use the rubbish bins.

In 2011, Bilbao BBK Live received the Green ‘n’ Clean certificate, awarded to us by the Yourope association (The European Festival Association) for our high level of responsibility and commitment with the environment, we continue with the same ideals, to live in a respectful manner with the natural spaces inside the festival area and, mount Arraiz. As to reach our objective, the public’s collaboration during the festival will yet again be