Bilbao BBK Live 2018

12 · 13 · 14
JULY 2018

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The City

They say Bilbao natives are born wherever the want, but it’s true, we can’t think of a better place to belong to. Feel part of the city during Bilbao BBK Live and enjoy its charms.

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Nature, trips and fun

At the Bilbao BBK Live campsite you will be find all of the amenities of a modern camping site: toilets, showers, lockers, a bar, and even a supermarket! … and you will be just a stone’s throw from the festival, on a mountain with unique views of Bilbao.

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Deluxe camping

Camping yes. But on a different level

Enjoy hotel-level amenities at our camping site. Houses with beds, lights and power, or spacious tents with individual or double beds, bedding, stable floor and a buffet breakfast. You’ll never want to leave.

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A warrior’s rest

Perhaps your camping days are behind you, or you simply want to be near the centre of Bilbao for a spot of tourism. The following are some good hotel offers in the city.

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Arrive from anywhere in Europe.

Bilbao international airport offers routes from many points in Europe. Here we provide all of the options to ensure you arrive at Bilbao BBK Live in style.

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Organized trips

All roads lead to Bilbao BBK Live

Regardless of where you come from, you are sure to find an option to reach Bilbao. Organised travel enables you to avoid the hassle and get to Bilbao BBK Live from anywhere.

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Because life is much more than a festival

Cuisine, surf, nature, architecture… in Bilbao we have it all, which is why we have prepared a set of experience packs that are sure to make you drool.

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