Bilbao BBK Live 2020

9 · 10 · 11
JULY 2020

The downtempo experience

Last year, Bilbao BBK Live made a big statement by debuting a stage that celebrates low BPM music. Lasai, which means ‘rest’ and ‘calm’ in Euskera, aims to become a place where punters can decompress and escape from the madness of the festival.

Located on the hill beside Basoa forest and surrounded by cypress trees, Lasai takes full advantage of the spectacular views of Bilbao.

Lasai is bound by one rule only: music doesn’t exceed 100 beats per minute. This gives DJs a free hand to experiment and take risks. Another contributing factor is the chill atmosphere generated by an audience that knows they are in a safe space, not restricted by the customary imperatives of the dance floor. In other words, this is where you can expect the unexpected.

In 2019, Lasai once again stacks the line-up with a stellar combination of DJs specialising in low BPM sounds and artists willing to open up the lesser-visited areas of their collections. Lasai’s roster of talent will include a showcase by house superstar Fort Romeau, playing a selection of dreamy mellow beats, and Red Light Radio co-founder Orpheu The Wizard will push the boundaries to give us something to marvel at. Joining them on the bill are Phuong-Dan, who either at the helm of his Gatto Musculoso party or as a resident at clubs like Golden Pudel or Salon des Amateurs, is usually linked to the cream of the crop on the European electro scene; and Casper Tielrooij, one of the founders of Dekmantel, one of Europe’s top-rated dance festivals. In a setting like Lasai, Casper will probably unleash his passion for dub, Afro and Brazilian beats. On top of all this, John Talabot, one of Spain’s best-known international DJ, has curated the line-up for Saturday.

In addition, DJohnston, curator for some of the highest-rated clubs in Barcelona; Elena Colombi, whose sets are more about taste-making than pandering to trends; Fenna Fiction, with her stunning record collection; Julian Falk, generator of dream-like atmospheres; Miravalles, contributor to the resurgence of the club scene of Bilbao; Mislav, one of the masterminds behind Burek label; Muevelokumbia, the great Mueveloreina with a apecial set list full of electro-cumbia hits; Ninja, intricated alias of one of the highest-rated selectors in Europe; Nuel, a master creating elevated streams of conscience using lulling rhythms and soaring melodies; Olivia, coming back to Lasai with a set full of sexuality, low frequences and dispair; and Sacha Mambo, a special talent to exist between styles without being swallowed by pastiche or contradictions; wrap up the experience. A total of 15 acts performing over three days in one of the most unique locations in Bilbao BBK Live, which takes place from 11-13 July on Bilbao’s Kobetamendi Mountain.

From dub to ambient, from cumbia to industrial sounds, and from disco beats to psychedelic experimentation, Lasai is a platform for the type of music that blurs genres and styles, and

rejects labels and categories. Lasai celebrates the type of music that nurtures our thirst for discovery.