Bilbao BBK Live 2021

8/9/10 - 7

Lasai, the space to slow down

With the premise of not exceeding 100 bpm, the rhythm at which the heart beats, Lasai is the place to slow down in a privileged location, surrounded by cypress trees, away from the hustle and bustle of the festival and with impressive views overlooking the city of Bilbao. The Lasai programme has two guest curators in this edition. Saturday’s lineup has been curated by Lena Willikens, while Thursday and Friday will be hosted by the online station Red Light Radio, based in Amsterdam’s Red Light District and today one of the most influential electronic music media internationally. In addition, every day they will be streaming and recording the Lasai sessions.

Lasai will make you dance at low revolutions to the intense, dark and psychedelic music of Charlotte Bendinks and explore the limits of mid-tempo dance with French DJ and producer Cosmo Vitelli. Dancehall music, sound art and techno territories will be explored by Low Jack (Philipphe Hallais), author of the acclaimed ‘Riddims du Lieu – dit’ from his own label Editions Gravats and collaborator of the experimental techno project Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement which he shares with Dominik Fernow. The most atmospheric feel will be provided by DJ, composer and producer Yu Su, moving through natural textures and jazzbient sounds, and by the French Marylou with her oniric sounds of improvised noises and strings. The national talent will be represented by Katza, co-founder of the Basque collective Paraleloan, which mixes postpunk, dub and industrial music, and the Barcelona duo Iro Aka, fusing downtempo, house, techno and ambient.

The French Ivan Smagghe, with more than a decade of releases, including his project with Black Strobe, will surely make the dance floor shine with his darkest electro house tracks. There will also be room for the industrial beats with 90’s roots of the Dutch Zohar, the disco tribal grooves with powerful drum sounds of Bufiman (also known as Wolf Mueller or Diskoking Burnhart McKoolski), the dark and sophisticated techno and deep house of Xhamana Johnes and the unique fusion created by the Dutch Beesmut Soundsystem, with their ability to blend different styles such as 80s minimalism, afrohouse, acid, exotica and electro. The list continues with emerging artists from the Dutch underground scene such as Upsammy who creates futuristic techno rhythms inspired by science fiction and Max Abysmal, who will bring his fusion of ambient sounds, 80s funk, techno and lo-fi nuances, who will undoubtedly brings us his combination of slow beats and high intensities. The lineup is completed by Lena Willikens, also from the Netherlands, who on this occasion will be working hand in hand with El Tigre Sound, and whose magic, by improvising on the decks, will make his live performance unexpected and unique.