Bilbao BBK Live 2018

11 · 12 · 13
JULY 2019

Lasai Bilbao BBK Live 2018


Lasai means “tranquil” in Basque. It is also de name of a new stage in Bilbao BBK Live exclusively dedicated to low rpm music.

It has been said that music should be played at 127 beats per minute because that is how fast the heart beats at rapture. But Lasai doesn’t aim to race forward until you collapse from exhaustion, but rather hypnotise you on a low flame until you levitate. To facilitate this process, music at Lasai doesn’t exceed 100 beats per minute.

Lasai proposes a trip beyond the dance. Close to the forest of Basoa and flanked by cypresses – the tree of serenity par excellence, it is a small space that seeks to promote intimacy. A corner where to go slowly. A decompression zone that invites to brake and deviate on secondary roads.

Those responsible for discovering these new paths will act as selectors who prefer freedom to comfort. DJs who flee formulas and frills in favour of innovation and adventure, be they artists specialising in relaxed cadences, or names well-versed in club rhythms who are willing to present the lesser-known aspects of their record collections. For all of them, Lasai will be a showcase for sounds that tend to be excluded from electronic programming in favour of instant gratification.

But Lasai doesn’t aim to be an exclusively musical experience. Recovering the spirit of venues dedicated to ambient music, so frequent at clubs in the 90s, Lasai aims to serve both as a meeting place and vanishing point. Because the madness inherent to any festival is even more enjoyable when countered with calm.

To inaugurate Lasai, Young Turks (record label of The xx) will curate the first night dealing with the selection of artists on Thursday.


The revindication of pause and intimacy has been one of the big hallmarks of The xx from their irruption. That one of their main minds will be playing music at Lasai sounds almost inevitable. In his rare appearances as a DJ, Romy Madley Croft has demonstrated a taste as delicate as his own music, with a special appreciation for hip-hop classics, velvety R&B and pop with an electronic backdrop. An opportunity not to be missed.

Joe Goddard

‘Electric Lines’, the latest solo LP from Joe Goddard, is a love letter to all of the genres that have impacted him. Which of course includes hip-hop. Less common is the opportunity to listen to an entire session of his exclusively dedicated to the genre. Sure to be a unique opportunity to explore his roots in depth. It is with good reason that he tends to cite J. Dilla as his greatest inspiration and influence.


Akaak, Martin Moritz y Gurss Von Dred are a Hamburg trio that has constructed their own particular sound around a deliberate error: instead of spinning their records at 45 rpm they do so at 33 rpm. Which turns their sessions into extremely hypnotic mantras, in which house and techno take on a new dimension, much deeper and transcendental. As they tend to say, their sets are for dancing “better, slower and longer”.


Olivia is a brand created to encompass different work processes. On July 14, in her role as musical selector, she will bring us a tracklist designed to make love in uncomfortable places.

Tolouse Low Trax

If we had to single out a club that has played a key role in the current effervesce of the narcotic low rpm sound it would have to be the Salon Des Amateurs in Düsseldorf. Detlef Weinrich is one of its residents, and one of those DJs who’s sessions can only be understood as journeys in which the destination is not important, but rather getting lost on the way. “Hypnotic” is an understatement: he verges shamanism.


Amongst the many virtues of the duo formed by Giacomo Garavelloni and Giovanni Turco is their ‘Laid Back Sessions’ series. In which the founders of CockTail d’Amore explore the most explore parsimonious recesses of their collections to show off true rarities. A way of understanding pleasure over the long term which has made them one of the best ambassadors of the night scene in their adopted Berlin.

Magic Teapot Records

Magic Teapot present themselves as “Three romantic lunatics unveiling our love for hidden gems from Planet Earth and beyond”. A definition that perfectly anticipates what can be expected from their sessions: obscure records you will never find on Spotify or YouTube. But above all, wonderful records.


YY (Yeray Dorta) is a graphic designer and co-founder of Valle Eléctrico, a Madrid club that perfectly embodies his spirit as a selector: eclectic, daring and in constant contact with the latest trends in electronica. Set to revisit his broad musical tastes at Lasai, from industrial music to Latin sounds, all with a pronounced urban spirit.


When she wears her DJ FATi cloak, Phoebé Guillemot alias Ramzi takes her psychedelic puzzles and impossible rhythms to the most unsettled dance floors. Her sound is so unique that a genre has yet to be invented to contain it. Akin to delving into a tropical jungle to photograph it with a kaleidoscope lens and find so many recesses to discover that you never want to leave.

Slow Porn

Slow Porn know that low rpm makes music instantly more sexy. So much so that they define their sound as “indecent groove”. And that’s because when listening to their torrid sessions the first image that comes to mind is a sweaty dance floor, with bodies rubbing together in slow motion. Music with a noir spirit for dancing in sin.

Jay Glass Dubs

Jay Glass Dubs, composer, musician and artist based in Athens whose work reflects issues such as copyright, spirituality and originality.

Sophie dj set

In addition to offering one of her explosive live shows in Bilbao BBK Live, Sophie will go through Lasai to offer a DJ set in which she will show the calm back of her ultra-vitamin pop. What can we expect? A download of Martian R & B and experimentation with which he will demonstrate that, although her is hyperkinetic agitation, she also knows how to seduce at half speed.

Ibon Errazkin

Few names are more respected than Ibon Errazkin‘s on the Spanish independent scene. He became known as pop strut, but his voracity as a listener and his restlessness as a creator have led him to explore styles such as dub, African music or hip hop, among others. And this is exactly what will come to share in Lasai.

DJ LiloCox

DJ LiloCox is one of the bastions of Prince, one of the most exciting record labels that have emerged in Europe in recent years. In his sessions, styles of African origin such as kuduro, batida, kizomba or funaná dialogue with house depth to create polyrhythmic bacchanalia that bewitch anyone who crosses their path.

Young Turks djs

Young Turks djs will be taking over the Lasai stage on Thursday curating the line up. Young Turks Records is a record label based out of London, it was launched by Caius Pawson in 2006 and has become and influential label with a rich roster that includes The xx, FKA Twigs, Kamasi Washington, Sampha and many more.

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