Bilbao BBK Live 2022

7/8/9 - 7

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Wristbands and tickets



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Timetable for the exchange of tickets for wristbands

SALA BBK (Gran Vía López de Haro 19-21. Bilbao)

  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (4-5-6 / 07): 11:00h – 20:00h
  • Thursday (7/07): 11:00h – 15:00h

BEC! (module at the bus stop)

  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (6-7-8-9 / 07): 10:00h – 02:00h


  • Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (6-7-8-9 / 07): 10:00h – 02:00h

Ownership of any of our tickets constitutes acceptance of the following conditions


Tickets / wristbands include different security systems. Admission is subject to your ticket being in good condition. Any wristbands found fixed, broken, or suspicious of being false, will authorise the organizer to deny access to the ticket holder. The organisation cannot guarantee the authenticity of a ticket that has not been purchased at an official sale point. Resale of these tickets is not allowed.


Once the ticket is purchased it cannot be exchanged. Your entrance is strictly non-refundable unless the event is cancelled. The Organisation agrees to refund tickets if the event is completely cancelled. Under no circumstances will the booking fees charged at sale points be refunded, given that the Organisation is not the receiver of said amount and it is understood that such service takes place when purchasing the ticket. Refunds for cancelled events will be carried out within fifteen days after the events scheduled date. There will be no refund if over 70% of the event takes place before cancellation. Bad weather conditions and changes in set times are NOT a reason for ticket refunds.


The Organiser reserves the right to change and/or alter the contents of the event programme.


Ticket holder authorises the Organiser, to search and check, in accordance to the Law, the ticket holder’s personal possessions as to ensure all safety conditions. The Organisation reserves the right of admission, subject to the fact the ticket/wristband is in good condition and that the ticket holder assumes and obliges to respect the Organisation and event rules, as well as any other condition made for general safety reasons.


Having the right to refuse admission, the event Organiser will be allowed to refuse access or expel the ticket holder from the site if holder should fail to follow the Organisations indications. Same will happen if the Organisers reasonably presume that said ticket holder can imply a situation of risk or danger towards themselves or others, may it be by causing havoc or because of apparent or potential inebriation, said ticket holders will be responsible in all cases of any acts and omissions that damage material or cause injuries to others.


All attempts of fraud, forced entry and / or damage of private property, caused directly or indirectly upon the Organisation, gives the Organisation authorisation to take whatever civil and/or criminal legal actions they consider appropriate.


All image and intellectual property rights derived from the event are reserved. Ticket holders cannot record or reproduce sounds and/or images of the event or of the events attendees, without a written authorisation from the Organiser. In order to assure this, no photo cameras, video cameras and / or recording devices will be aloud in the area, including any object the Organiser considers dangerous towards the event (fireworks, weapons, bottles, glass objects, laser points, etc.)


Being a ticket owner does not give the holder, or any third parties, the right to use the ticket, or its content, for advertising, marketing purposes or promotions (including contests, prizes and/or gifts) associated to the ticket holder or a third party. Failure to comply with this will result in the promoter and/or non-authorised user to pay a penalty equivalent to one thousand times the price of the most expensive ticket (of the event that figures on the reverse of the ticket holders ticket), regardless of subsequent claims for general damages. The present licence will also be cancelled.


The Organisation will presume a ticket holder is causing a dangerous situation if he or she is in possession of any recording, fixation and/or visual or sound reproduction devices, objects subject to being thrown or causing damage (cans, bottles, etc.), if he or she should try to stage dive on to the audience (even when being invited by the artist) or should the ticket holder try to enter restricted areas. The ticket holder is personally responsible, in every case, for any actions and omissions that damage material or cause injuries to third parties.


Access to the event area confirms your acceptance to be photographed or recorded with out any compensation, whatever the use given after. Festivalgoers may appear in images taken by different media that will later be used for promotional purposes.


The ticket holder personally assumes all risks derived from the event and/or concentration he or she is attends, including entrance and exit areas.


You only can excahnge your tickets for your own wristaband.You can´t exchange it in the name of others.

Once you have exchanged your ticket for a wristband, the wristband becomes the element that certifies your acquired rights. Loss of the wristband means the loss of your right to access. Because of this, it’s important that you:

Change your ticket for a wristband on arrival. Take care of your wristband so it is always in perfect condition, no broken or ripped wristbands will be accepted.

Under no circumstances should you remove your wristband before the event is over. It could break and you would lose your right to enter. Keep your wristband on and in good condition even when leaving the festival. You will need it to come back in.


In the case of events with wristbands, once you have exchanged your ticket for a wristband, the wristband will acquire the same conditions stated here. To not comply with any of the mentioned conditions will give the Organiser the right to refuse entry to the event, to take away the ticket holders wristband and to reserve the right to take legal action.


The Organisation guarantees the protection of your personal information and reserves the right to use your information to improve the Organisations sales system. The reason this information is asked for is to accelerate the shopping process. The Organisation guarantees they will never sell, rent or commercialise your personal information to third parties.


The event ticket must accompany any type of claim.


The Organiser of the event, based on typology and/or singularity, can cancel or modify any of the here mentioned conditions, in which case Organiser will inform the public by whatever channels considered adequate.