Bilbao BBK Live 2018

11 · 12 · 13
JULY 2019

Useful info

General information

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Festival rules

  • The camping area opens on Wednesday at 12:00 a.m. | The site opens on Thursday at 17:00 p.m. whether it’s raining or not.
  • Your wristband must be worn at all times. | Wristbands will not be valid if they have been manipulated or modified.
  • Timetables can change | Tickets can be purchased at official sale points.
  • The festival is for all ages. Ages 10 and under get free admission. Under 16 must be accompanied.
  • Parking is not permitted under any circumstances.


aerosol products / aerosol cans
air horns
audio recording devices
bikes / skateboards / skates
blankets / towels / flags / chairs
chains / wallets with chains
cameras with attachable lens or video (Pro)
drones, remote control planes, games / cars
illegal drugs
fireworks / firecrackers / sparklers or flares
promotional, or any other kind of flyers / surveys
glass / flasks
laser pointers / LED light sticks / flashlights
Hula-hoops / kites / water guns
musical instruments
knifes / weapons / sharp objects
food and drinks from outside
pets / animals
promotional articles
selfie sticks / tripods / umbrellas


For all ages
Ages 10 and under get free general admission
Blankets for babies
Rucksacks (medium size)
Smartphones / Chargers
Lip balm / cream
Tabaco / lighter / smoking paper
Dance shoes
Digital cameras (not Pro)
Empty plastic bottles without lids
Eye / ear drops
Go Pros
Chewing gum / sweets
Hand sanitizer / baby wipes
Purses / Bags
Sun protector (no spray cans)
Sun glasses


We are working in collaboration with the local police department, the Ertzaintza and a number of other local departments, to ensure your visit to the festival is as safe as possible.

For press / media questions: Please visit our Press section.

We aren’t looking for more suppliers at the moment. There is no waiting list either. Any changes to this will be announced here; there is no need to email us to ask.

No. The Bilbao BBK Live trademark, intellectual property, passes and wristbands may NOT be used for advertising, promotions, contests, draws or any other commercial purpose. The only exception is for the festival’s official sponsors (and even they need formal written authorization from the festival producers).

If you do not have the festivals permission you will be committing a crime and your items will be confiscated.

Identify yourself to security when entering the festival area. Our security team must check that all medical prescriptions and names on medical containers match the persons proper ID. Medical related items (including food) that are otherwise not available in the festival area may be brought with you as long as you bring a medical note that details the necessity for the item or items.

Yes, if it’s for a baby of course.

A medium rucksack is no larger than 50cm high, 40cm wide and 25cm full. Bags should fit in to a box of that size, similar to the system used in airports. If your bag doesn’t fit in the box you will not be aloud in with it.

Any camera with a removable lens is considered professional.

Yes. All of that and more! Gluten-free food, fresh fruit, you’ll find everything except kosher.

No money is accepted at the festival. Do not forget to charge your wristband in the $ points or with the app #bilbaobbklive.

No money is accepted at the festival. Do not forget to charge your wristband in the $ points or with the app #bilbaobbklive.

Yes, you can book it at “Lockers” section.

Yes, there will be a lost property stand that will be specified on the festival guide. It will be probably be located at the main entrance. Email us at
if you have any questions. Please try to have visible information on how to contact you on your phone, and take a picture of your contact information in case of losing things. Put a business card in your bag or purse so we can contact you if we find it.

Yes, ambulances will be in a visible area in the festival. They will be clearly specified on the festival guide.

Yes. 5 or 6 days before the festival. These locations will also be found on the festival guide given out at the main entrance. The map could be subject to change.

You can rent a powerbank to charge your phone at the main entrance or in the campsite. You can also book it online here.