Bilbao BBK Live 2023

6/7/8 - 7

La Montaña Mendia The Mountain vistas ciudad paisaje festival Bilbao BBK Live

Kobetamendi (Mount Cobetas, in Basque) is the idyllic location where Bilbao BBK Live is lucky
enough to be located. It’s a natural park, a green space with paths where Bilbao’s residents go
for walks during the year, and even includes large fields where cattle graze, and a small forest
with trees that have grown with the festival and is now home to the ‘Basoa’ (forest, in Basque)
space, with the best electronic programming.

The views from Kobetamendi are a real luxury. This green lung provides the best panoramic
views of the city of Bilbao. And on clear days you can even see the river estuary.

The festival campsite is located on the adjacent mountain, the Arraiz, which is higher than
Kobetamendi and therefore provides even more spectacular views. Mount Arraiz is located on
hiking route GR 228, which connects it with Bilbao.