Bilbao BBK Live UDA:  the magic of Kobetamendi from home

The festival is putting on a special online edition with concerts from El Columpio Asesino, Dora, Amorante and Yawner, and DJ sets from John Talabot and Katza, all live streaming from Kobetamendi

A selection of the best performances from the festival’s archive and the humor of Pantomima Full complete the program

If you can’t come up to Kobetamendi, we’ll bring the mountain to your homes.  That’s the idea giving rise to this Bilbao BBK Live UDA (uda meaning “summer” in Basque), a special online edition of the international festival set to take place on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of July.

On the same dates originally planned for the festival, the Kobetamendi stages will receive six artists ascending the mountain to offer up their live show to the world via streaming.  These concerts are specially designed for the occasion and captured right amidst our great outdoors, making us feel almost as if we were there at Basoa taking in an evening set, summitting mount Arraiz amongst the animals that inhabit it year round, or waking to views over the city and the downtempo sounds of Lasai.  While each edition we receive tens of thousands of visitors from every corner of the world, this time Bilbao BBK Live’s audience capacity is limitless, as are the locations from which it can be enjoyed.


YAWNERS / San Miguel Stage.  The most solid pop sound of the ‘90s is where Elena Nieto, mastermind of the Yawners project, takes her cue—being a child of ‘90s Salamanca herself.   Her debut album Just Calm Down has garnered attention beyond our borders and was just released in Japan.  At Kobetamendi she’ll be performing it live from San Miguel, our main sponsor here at Bilbao BBK Live, who at such a singular time as this reaffirm their commitment to live music by inviting all fans to share, hype, and experience this edition of the festival.

DORA / Firestone Stage.  At her sixteen years of age, the “benjamina” of our roster is a diamond shining brighter and further with each passing day.  Dora has already dropped five singles that have accrued over six million plays on Spotify and as many again on YouTube, so the first EP, to be released in a few months, is one of the year’s most anticipated.  Hearing her live from Firestone, always a big supporter of music and emerging talent, should tide us over quite nicely.


EL COLUMPIO ASESINO / Beefeater Stage.  Blame it on the springtime and the lockdown, but we’ve got the honey of their recently released album all over our lips.  Critics are saying that Ataque Celeste is one of Spain’s own albums of the year and we can’t resist the opportunity to hear it live.  With this stage, embracing contrast and diversity, Beefeater reasserts its commitment to live music and the festival bringing us the chill-inducing atmospheres of El Columpio Asesino.

KATZA / Lasai.  We’ll wrap up Friday’s session looking to unwind at Lasai, with its views of the city and, as always, tempos under 100bmp—the rhythm of the heart.  The music will be spun by Bilbao-based Katza, a DJ with his roots in punk—a nuance which can be appreciated in his dance creations, intended to reflect immediacy, urgency, and purity of sound, although his repertoire touches on multiple styles.


AMORANTE / BBK Foundation Stage.  Elgoibar native Iban Urizar’s project Amorante borrows the names of two of his beloved heroes:  Brazilian Rodrigo Amarante and Granadine Enrique Morente.  An ethnomusicologist and multi-instrumentalist, Urizar breaks with mainstream notions of “folk” to construct what he has dubbed “herri musika”, or popular music sung in Basque and nothing to do with Anglo-Saxon traditions—a most suggestive experience to open the afternoon at the woods’ edge.

JOHN TALABOT / Basoa.  One of the biggest international names in the electronic scene and a much admired and loved artist at this festival is Basoa’s resident DJ, who’s closed out the festival many a time and will back to do it all over again this year.  Thanks to support from Red Bull, we once again get to enjoy John Talabot’s generous, balsamic, and healing torrent of sound, guaranteed to set the trees trembling anew.

On each of the three days of the festival, from 9 PM until midnight, you’ll be able to enjoy not only these six exclusive performances, but also a selection of historic concerts, never aired before this moment, that have taken place throughout the festival’s fourteen years of life.  To guide us through all these hours of music, we’re bringing in one of the most mordant chroniclers of our day, Pantomima Full, who along the course of the three nights will paint a sidesplitting portrait of the genuine festival bum with content created specially for Bilbao BBK Live.     

The event can be streamed on Thursday 9th, Friday 10th, and Saturday 11th of July, from 9 PM, on and the festival’s YouTube channel.

Parallel to this broadcast, tickets for the 2021 edition of Bilbao BBK Live will go up for sale, with currently confirmed acts The Killers, Pet Shop Boys, Bad Bunny, Bicep Live, Bomba Estéreo, Caribou, FKA twigs, Fontaines D.C., Meute, Supergrass, El Columpio Asesino, and León Benavente to be joined by new names soon.