Every summer needs its festival…  and every festival its wristband.

To top off the Bilbao BBK Live experience this 2020 we want the festival’s public not to have to renounce one of its best-loved traditions:  the wristband, to carry with you and remember your experiences until the next edition.  This year is special and so we wanted to do something equally exceptional.  There won’t be one wristband but 7, to share one of the summer’s best plans with our best friends:  hitting up a festival together and keeping its spirit alive throughout the whole year.  In this set each color represents that which best embodies our bond with those we want to experience this Bilbao BBK Live with:  friendship, love, hope, wisdom, desire, happiness, and tranquility.  With each wristband you’re expressing a wish.  Ours are clear:  to see each other next year, for live music to be back soon, and health—health to everyone.

These wristbands also serve the highest of causes, as the money raised from their sale will go to a fund for the Bilbao BBK Live crew:  runners, hospitality, technicians, transportation, production, stage managers…  independent professionals who are essential to keeping things running properly and who under the current circumstances are left with no recourse, out of a job and ineligible for or insufficiently covered by the relief measures put in place by the government.  Fifty percent of funds raised will go to them, with the other 50% going to the Biscay Food Bank to aid underprivileged families.