Bilbao BBK Live 2018

11 · 12 · 13
JULY 2019

Festival bilbao bbk live basoa electronica

Basoa: the forest that’ll change your view of EM

Dance music is escapism. By definition it means getting away from routine. People say Basoa is a festival within a festival, but it’s more like an alternative ecosystem for the senses. A forest retreat where the trees breathe in synthetic textures and create a musical experience to remember.

Basoa’s exceptional sound system and privileged natural surroundings are a reminder that our perception of music can be totally transformed depending on how we listen to it. You’re in a forest. A sea of twisting turning bodies moves to the deep bass. It’s a liberating experience. It’s a dream. Once you’re immersed in it, the real world is far, far away. Even if it only lasts three days.

But however much an experience stimulates your senses, it means nothing if the content isn’t up to scratch, so Basoa’s line-up focuses on quality and quality alone. Names like Modeselektor, Hunee, John Talabot, Ben UFO, Young Marco, Optimo or Prosumer don’t just have thousands of dance hours tucked under their belts, they also believe in the idea of EM as a never-ending quest. Put another way, when you come to Basoa, you come to discover something.

Escapism, dance and discovery. Three ideas that sum up the power of electronic music. But when you immerse yourself in Basoa they’re only the beginning.

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Festival Bilbao BBK Live Basoa Cartel electrónica
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