Bilbao BBK Live 2022

7/8/9 - 7



Xabi Bandini, former Kerobia singer and composer, has just presented his new work, BIBA!–straightforward and energetic electro-pop produced by Pello Reparaz (Deepsoda). Its tracks weave sounds of the ‘90s in with rock of the most synthetic stripe. Bandini, Lur, and Alberto bring us songs wrought of synthesizers, melodies, and driving rhythms where the vocals and lyrics once more call up striking images. They deal with Europe, habitable planets, Magellan, friendship, and refugees, including those claimed by the sea in their flight—always from a discomforting perspective for anyone loath to extend their view beyond a simple tweet. As usual, these are little hymns to love and hope.

This album’s mission is to help us breathe, gather sufficient energy, and give us a forward boost… and let no one be left behind.