Bilbao BBK Live 2022

7/8/9 - 7



In the early ‘80s, long before the Western music industry had discovered this gem, Tinariwen were already ranging the north of Africa purveying their honed desert blues. Diving into their music is immersing yourself in the history and life of the Tuareg. Their melodies and rhythms crossing traditional music with other styles of the African west and their lyrics, which speak of nomad life, of the nostalgia of the desert, and of rebellions and their messages of hope and of resistance, make Tinariwen an act as out of the ordinary as it is beautiful. Since the late ‘90s, they’ve been taking their unique sound to stages around the world, going on to win a Grammy in 2012 (the first North African band ever to have done so), and earning the respect and admiration of the likes of Keith Richards, Robert Plant, Thom Yorke, and Brian Eno.