Bilbao BBK Live 2022

7/8/9 - 7



Born in Pozoblanco in 1994, Maria Jose Llergo has already more than proven her commitment to art, emotions, and others. Considered one of the most promising breakout voices of the new flamenco, the Barcelona-based Cordobese is going for a music style that fuses the tradition she soaked up in her natal town thanks to her grandfather with the new trends of the 21st century. Prime examples are “Niña de las Dunas”, “Ya se Sabe la Luna”, and “Nana del Mediterráneo”, along with her most recent collaboration with Juancho Marques and Gabriel Fernandez on “Quema”. Her soaring, rending, and utterly unfettered voice will land at Kobetamendi next July to leave us slack-jawed and treat us to the future of our flamenco.