It happens all year long, but the cultural and artistic offer in Bilbao also hits its boiling point whilst Bilbao BBK Live takes place. To make the most of your time by stimulating the senses and the mind is a great way to start a day which will end dancing under the stars.


Arte y China después de 1989. Guggenheim Bilbao

Arte and China after 1989. Guggenheim Bilbao


ART AND CHINA AFTER 1989: The theatre of the world

Bilbao Guggenheim Museum

More than 60 contemporary chinese artists put their creativity at the service of the most provocative criticism. A reflection of a fight for an ideology-free reality where they play an active role through their art.

The exhibition takes its name from the artist Huang Yong Ping’s installation Theatre of the World, a cage-like piece full of insects and reptiles which establishes a parallelism between competitiveness and the system of values in the era of globalization.


Jardín infinito. A propósito del Bosco. Museo Bellas Artes de Bilbao

Jardín infinito. A propósito del Bosco. Museo Bellas Artes de Bilbao



Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

An unreleased video and a video installation of the famous triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch is the starting point of this sensory and perceptual experience.

BLACK and Light is an essay on the galleries and artworks in the Prado Museum of Madrid which takes place at night, when the museum is closed, in low light, almost in the dark.

Meanwhile, Infinite Garden. Regarding Bosch takes us on a journey through the artist’s paradise with the help of 16 video channels and 10 sound tracks, in a multi projection of the video piece.


Eguzkiñe Aranzibia. PROTOTIPOAK

Eguzkiñe Aranzibia. PROTOTIPOAK



Azkuna Zentroa

As part of PROTOTIPOAK, the 2018 International Meeting of New Artistic Forms, this exhibition shows renowned artworks from the robotics, bioelectronic and artificial intelligence fields as a form of reflection.

The use we make of shared urban spaces and the way we relate to each other are some of the themes these pieces encourage us to think about.


Women in love. Malo muy malo

Women in love. Malo muy malo



Malo muy malo

With other people, with their pets, with the rain, with time travels… Portraits of women who were captured in a state of infatuation. The result? A series of colourful works in a very peculiar space which combines fashion and art.


Ainhoa Akutain

Ainhoa Akutain



Bilboarte Foundation

The collective photography exhibition of the foundation’s collection has a common interest in landscapes. This has been the main theme of the artists in residence who take part in the exhibition.


A selection of cultural proposals to enrich even more if possible our experience at Bilbao BBK Live.